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Rolling Gates Queens

When we talk about construction of home there are lots of materials involved in it. The most widely used material is steel building and the reinforced concrete is the most common material for setting the grounds. There is very plain and simple structure of rolling gates. This is the main reason for its uniqueness. It is used for holding the security and safety of your home. As such gates are not made of the common wood structure; they hold strength and a long-lasting attribute in the structure. Their structures are made of metal braces, which strengthen the support and grip of the gates and ensures a perfect stabilizing positioning of the gates. This is the reason why people trust their reliability and strength.

Rolling Gates Installations and Repairs

We have been installing, repairing and maintaining storefront gates; roll up doors and security grills for doors in Queens area. We have immediate response time to repair all storefront gates & doors. Our employees are trained and experienced in all of our storefront gates & doors repair service 24 Hour services.

Gates Queens provides full storefront gate servicing for all of Queens, NY Area.
We install, repair, maintain and service store front gates & doors for stores, parking garages and loading docks through out Queens.

Our Rolling Gates Service Includes:

  • 24 Hour roll up door & rolling gate repairs
  • 24 Hour storefront break-in repair
  • Security grills for storefront and windows
  • Key switch installations for storefront gate
  • Repairing motors for storefront gates
  • Removal and disposal of old storefront gate
  • Maintenance of storefront gate springs
  • Roll up storefront gates installations
  • moutons