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Gates Queens - Installation & Repair Service

Gates Queens is proud to provide quality gate installations and repair in Queens NY.
No matter how big or small your job is!
Our employees are trained and experienced in all of our gates services in Queens NY.
Gates Queens provide emergency gate repair, installation, and service in Queen area. We are a local emergency gate repair company that takes pride in protecting your contents.
Gates Queens have been installing, repairing and maintaining emergency gate repairs in Queens for years. We have immediate response time to repair all gates no matter how big or small the project might be. Our employees are trained and experienced in all of our emergency gate repairs services.

Our Gates Services Includes:

  • Rolling gates installations
  • Rolling gate repairs in Queens
  • Removal and disposal of old Rolling gates
  • Key switch installations for Rolling gate
  • Maintenance of Rolling gate springs
  • Lubrication for Rolling gates
  • Security grills for Rolling and windows
  • Repairing motors for Rolling gates

Iron Gates & Wood Gates

Gates Queens provides you with the highest quality gates – they are weather-proof, fire-proof, easy to maintain and keep away the burglars and vandals. Our gates are easy to operate and can be opened and closed using various methods – from a simple key or an electronic card, to a remote control, iPhone or Blackberry device.

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